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Fashion Drawing Figure Templates Ebook: The variety of fashion design briefs will inspire you to get started. If you are unsure what to draw for your fashion designs, then I will show you how to begin. Download the ebook and print out the pages or read the pages offline in your browser. Contents Fashion Drawing Figure Templates: Drawing Fashion Hints, Tips and Basic Templates. Model Outlines Elegant Templates. Model Outlines Strident Templates. Model Outlines Sexy Templates. Model Outlines Confident Templates. Model Outlines Back and Side Templates. Fashion Gallery of My Storyboards. Fashion Samples of Manipulated Fabrics. 80 Fashion Design Briefs, Hints and Tips Continue reading...

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CPrivate US Coloured Infantry

Parliament Infantry Uniforms

Beginning with the Corps d'Afrique Louisiana Native Guards and the ist Louisiana National Guard, the first 'black' regiment in U.S. service mustered 27 September 1862 , about 300,000 coloured troops were enrolled in Federal service following the Emancipation Proclamation I January 1863 in 166 regiments 145 infantry, seven cavalry, twelve heavy artillery, one field artillery, one engineer , of which about sixty were employed in the field. Officers were white negro regiments, though they behaved...

Cavaliers And Roundheads Pictures

Roundheads And Cavalier Armour

Very few Civil War units wore full cuirassier armour - the last echo of the medieval knight -with a close helmet or a burgonet and full torso, shoulder, arm and thigh armour. Although it gave very good protection it was expensive, difficult to maintain for whole units on campaign, and exhaustingly heavy and hot to fight in for a generation of men who - unlike their ancestors - had not been raised from boyhood to bear it. After the rout, at Roundway Down in July 1643, of Parliamentarian Sir...


Vladivostok Russia 1920

Dates arc given in Western, Gregorian calendar style and are 13 days ahead of Eastern or Julian calendar style. The following represents only a few of the important dates in this momentous period. 1917 7 March Start of February devolution IS March Tsar Nicholas 11 abdicates 15 March Formation of Provisional Government 16 April Lenin returns to Russia 3 May Demonstrations in Petrograd formally St Petersburg but the name was changed during World War One to sound less German 18 May Provisional...

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