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American Civil War: Almanac presents a comprehensive overview of the Civil War. The volume's fourteen chapters cover all aspects of the conflict, from the prewar issues and events that divided the nation to the war itself—an epic struggle from 1861 to 1865 that changed the political and social landscape of America forever. The chapters are arranged chronologically, beginning with "Slavery and the American South" and ending with "1865-1877: Reconstruction." Interspersed are two chapters that cover two unique groups during the Civil War: women and blacks.

Each chapter of the Almanac includes "Words to Know" and "People to Know" sections that define important terms and individuals discussed in the chapter for easy reference. In addition, each chapter features informative sidebars containing brief biographies, excerpts from memoirs and speeches, and interesting facts about the issues and events discussed in the main body of the text. More than ninety black-and-white photos and maps illustrate the work.

The Almanac also includes an "American Civil War Timeline" of important events, "Words to Know" and "People to Know" sections that combine those terms from individual chapters, and a list of "Research and Activity Ideas" with suggestions for research efforts, oral and dramatic presentations, and group projects. American Civil War: Almanac concludes with a bibliography of sources for further research and a comprehensive index.

American Civil War Reference Library

American Civil War: Almanac is only one component of a three-part American Civil War Reference Library. The other two titles in this multivolume set are:

• American Civil War: Biographies: This two-volume set presents profiles of sixty important figures from the Civil War era. The essays cover such key people as politicians Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis; military figures Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant, David Farragut, and Braxton Bragg; and nurse Clara Barton, spy Rose O'Neal Greenhow, and photographer Mathew Brady. The volumes are filled with photographs, individual "Where to Learn More" sections, and an index.

• American Civil War: Primary Sources: This title presents fourteen full or excerpted speeches and written works from the Civil War. The volume includes an excerpt from Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin, President Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation and Gettysburg Address, and the letters between Union general William T. Sherman and Atlanta, Georgia, city leaders. Each entry includes an introduction, things to remember while reading the excerpt, information on what happened after the work was published or event took place, and other interesting facts. Photographs, source information, and an index supplement the work.

• A cumulative index of all three titles in the American Civil War Reference Library is also available.


The authors extend thanks to Larry Baker and Tom Romig at U^X^L for their assistance throughout the production of this series. Thanks, too, to Christine Alexanian for her quick and thorough copyediting and Amy Marcaccio Keyzer for lending her considerable editorial talents in the form of proofreading. The editor wishes to thank Marco Di Vita at Graphix Group for always working with common sense, flexibility, speed, and, above all, quality. Admiration, love, and a warm hug go to Beth Baker for her year of bravery. And, finally, a very special hello goes to Charlie and Dane, whose decision to move up their pub date made the Summer of '99 so very interesting.

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