Series Introduction, ix Introduction, xiii

About the Editor and Contributors, xxv Chronology, xxvii

1 ''A Soldier's Life Is a Hard One at Best'': Soldiers in the American Civil War, 1

John M. Sacher

2 When the Home Front Became a Battlefront: Civilians in Invaded and Occupied Areas, 19

Antoinette G. van Zelm

3 War on Two Fronts: Women during the Civil War, 37

Lisa Tendrich Frank

4 Children and the Civil War, 59

Karen A. Kehoe

5 Patriotism, Preparation, and Reputation: Immigrants in Battle and on the Home Front in the American Civil War, 77

Fiona Deans Halloran

6 From Enslaved to Liberators: African Americans and the Civil War, 95

Julie Holcomb

7 The Longhouse Divided: Native Americans during the American Civil War, 113

Andrew K. Frank

8 Becoming American: Catholics, Jews, and Mormons during the American Civil War, 133

Sarah K. Nytroe

9 The Urban Civil War, 151

Clinton Terry

Primary Documents, 169 Reference, 199 Bibliography, 213 Index, 233

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