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15 January

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12 July

17-20 July

The Falange merges with the JONS.

Strike by agricultural workers in Andalusia and


Lerroux governs with three CEDA ministers, the grass-roots organisation of the Catholic right. Rising in Catalonia and Asturias; state of war declared; the Foreign Legion and Moorish troops sent to Asturias.

Gil Robles, leader of the CEDA, Minister of War. Lerroux forced to resign following the estraperlo corruption scandal; short-lived centrist governments.

Dissolution of the Cortes. Electoral pact and platform of the Frente Popular, under the leadership of republicans and socialists.

Elections won by the Frente Popular. Azaña government; amnesty of political prisoners. Failed Falangist attempt to assassinate Jiménez de Asúa, one of the fathers of the Constitution. The Falange declared illegal; arrest of José Antonio Primo de Rivera.

The Cortes dismisses Alcalá Zamora as President of the Republic.

Azaña, President of the Republic. The republican Casares Quiroga becomes Prime Minister after the post was refused by the socialist, Indalecio Prieto.

Assassination of the Assault Guard, Castillo and, a day later, Calvo Sotelo, leader of Renovación Española.

Pronunciamiento in Morocco and the Peninsula.

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