12 April

14 April

7 May

10-11 May May-June

3 June

16 June

28 June

Constitutional monarchy Pronunciamiento by Primo de Rivera.

Overthrow of Primo de Rivera. Meeting of republican leaders in San Sebastián. They agree to form a revolutionary committee.

The Partido Socialista joins the revolutionary committee.

An unsuccessful uprising in Jaca. Captains Galán and García Hernández are shot.

Municipal elections. Republican victory. THE REPUBLIC

Proclamation of the Republic and exile of the King.

Pastoral letter by Cardinal Segura lauding the Monarchy.

Burning of monasteries and convents. Decrees on secular education, social and employment reforms. Announcement of elections for the Constituent Cortes.

Azana issues the first set of decrees regarding the reform of the army. Elections for the Constituent Cortes.

14 July

9-14 October

December 9 December

31 December

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