15 January

26 January 4 February

13 February

27 February 7-11 March

28 March 1 April

The beginning of the Teruel offensive, which the republicans take - the only provincial capital they were able to seize during the war.

The Nationalists recapture Teruel. Beginning of the Nationalist offensive in Aragon.

Reshuffle in Negrin's government; Prieto resigns as Minister of Defence.

The Nationalists arrive at the Mediterranean. Start of the Battle of the Ebro. Retreat from the Ebro; farewell parade to the International Brigades. Nationalist offensive in Catalonia.

The Nationalists seize Tarragona. Occupation of Barcelona.

Occupation of Gerona and mass withdrawal to the French border; the Nationalists end their occupation of Catalonia.

Nationalist Political Responsibilities Act, the principal repressive law of Franco's dictatorship. France and the United Kingdom recognise the Burgos government; Azana resigns. Communist revolt in Madrid against Negrin's government, which hastens the end of the Republic. The Nationalists enter Madrid. Total surrender of the republican army. Official end of the Civil War.

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