Union Leaders in the East

Philip Katcher

Philip Katcher • Illustrated by Richard Hook

Series editor Martin Windrow

First published in Great Britain in 2002 by Osprey Publishing, Elms Court Chapel Way, Botley, Oxiond 0X2 9LP, United Kingdom Email: inferos prey publishing, com

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ISBN 1 84176 320 9 Editor Martin Windrow Design: Alan Hamp Index by Alan Thatcher

Originated by Grasmere Digital Imaging. Leeds, UK Printed in China through World Print Ltd.

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Author's Note

For reasons of space it seems appropriate to divide the commanders to be covered in this and a forthcoming second volume between the "Eastern" and "Western" theaters of war, according to their first, most imporant or best-known operations. Inevitably, given the movement of some generals between the theaters, this has worked more neatiy in some cases than in others, whose placing in one or other title has necessarily been somewhat arbitrary. Readers should regard the two books together as a single reference source.


All monochrome illustrations in this book are from the collection of Military Images magazine.

Artist's Note

Readers may care to note that the original paintings from which the colour plates in this book were prepared are available for private sale. All reproduction copyright whatsoever is retained by the Publishers. AH enquiries shouid be addressed to:

Scorpio Gallery, PO Box 475, Hailsham, E,Sussex BN27 2SL

The Publishers regret that they can enter into no correspondence upon this matter.

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OPPOSITE The brash, self-confident Joseph Hooker, seen here while stilJ a brigadier-general, would be appointed to command the Army of the Potomac in December 1362, He lost his nerve, and the battle, at Chancellorsville the following May. Sent West, he regained his reputation with the public but not with his fellow generals, who never trusted him - he had a reputation for insincerity and back-biting behind his affable manner

The mid-19th-century photographic process points up the contrast of the dark biue velvet collar and cuffs against the cloth of his coat; he wears a crimson line officer's sash. Note the hilt of the staff officer's sword, with a general officer's gold cord knot.


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