Yes by U.S. Senate but not by states of Tex. and Kans.

Tribes sign away lands in return for reservations in Kans.,Tex., and Indian Territory


Medicine Lodge Creek Treaty (Kans.)

Oct. 21 and Oct. 28, 1867

Kiowa, Apache,

Comanche, Arapaho

Satanta, Black Kettle, Stumblng Bear, Little Raven, Quanah Parker

Nathaniel G.Taylor,William S. Harney, C. C. Auger, Alfred H.Terry, John B. Sanborn, Samuel F. Tappan, John B. Henderson


Tribes to move to reservations in Indian Territory and receive $25,000 annuity in return for keeping the peace and allowing RRs to cross lands

Fort Laramie Treaty

May 1868

Hunkpapa Sioux

Sitting Bull, Gall

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