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CSA Private Cavalry Campaign Dress

Texas Cavalry The Civil War

This plate shows a typical Confederate trooper of about 1863, before the most severe shortages of uniforms and equipment led to the virtual disappearance of anything resembling regulation styles. Though many militia units had good horse-furniture of pre-war vintage, there was little uniformity in the type of saddle used, varying from the U.S. McClellan pattern or its Confederate copy, the older Grimsley and Jennifer patterns, with numerous imported models and civilian saddles. A large number of...

CPrivate US Coloured Infantry

1830 Army Uniform Images

Beginning with the Corps d'Afrique Louisiana Native Guards and the ist Louisiana National Guard, the first 'black' regiment in U.S. service mustered 27 September 1862 , about 300,000 coloured troops were enrolled in Federal service following the Emancipation Proclamation I January 1863 in 166 regiments 145 infantry, seven cavalry, twelve heavy artillery, one field artillery, one engineer , of which about sixty were employed in the field. Officers were white negro regiments, though they behaved...