Army of the Potomac MGen G G Meade

ist CORPS (M.GEN. J. F. REYNOLDS) ist Division (B.Gen. J. S. Wadsworth)

ist Bde (B.Gen. S. Meredith) - 2nd, 6th and 7th Wis.; 19th Ind.; 24th Mich.

2nd Bde (B.Gen. L. Cutler) - 14th, 47th, 76th and 95th N.Y.; 7th Ind.

2nd Division (B.Gen. J. Robinson)

ist Bde (B.Gen. G. R. Paul) - 94th and 104th N.Y.; nth and

107th Pa.; 16th Maine; 13th Mass. 2nd Bde (B.Gen. H. Baxter) - 83rd and 97th N.Y.; 19th and 88th Pa.; 12th Mass. 3rd Division (M.Gen. A. Doubleday)

ist Bde (B.Gen. T. Rowley) - 20th N.Y.; 121st, 142nd and 151st Pa.

2nd Bde (Col. R. Stone) - 143rd, 149th and 150th Pa. 3rd Bde (B.Gen. G. Stannard) - 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th Vt.

Artillery Bde (Col. C. Wainwright) - 2nd and 5th Maine; 'B' ist Pa; 'B' 4th U.S.; 'L' ist N.Y.

2nd CORPS (M.GEN. W. S. HANCOCK) ist Division (B.Gen. J. C. Caldwell)

ist Bde (Col. E. E. Cross) - 81st and 148th Pa.; 5th N.H.; 61st N.Y.

2nd Bde (Col. P. Kelly) - 63rd, 69th and 116th N.Y.; 116th Pa.; 28th Mass.

3rd Bde (B.Gen. S. K. Zook) - 52nd, 57th and 66th N.Y.; 140th Pa.

4th Bde (Col. J. R. Brook) - 53rd and 145th Pa.; 27th Conn.-64th N.Y.; 2nd Del.

2nd Division (B.Gen.J. Gibbon)

ist Bde (B.Gen. W. Harrow) - 19th Maine; 15th Mass.; 82nd

N.Y.; ist Minn. 2nd Bde (B.Gen. A. S. Webb) - 69th, 71st, 72nd and 106th Pa. 3rd Bde (Col. N. J. Hall) - 19th and 20th Mass.; 42nd and 59th N.Y.; 7th Mich.

ist Bde (Col. S. S. Carroll) - 4th and 8th Ohio; 14th Ind.; 7th W.Va.

2nd Bde (Col. T. A. Smyth) - 14th Conn.; 108th N.Y.; 12th N.J.; ist Del.

3rd Bde (Col. G. Willard) - 39th, 11 ith, 125th and 126th N.Y.

Artillery Bde (Capt. J. G. Hazard) - 'A' and 'B' ist R.I.; 'A' and 'I' ist U.S.;'B' ist N.Y.

Cavalry Squadron (Capt. R.Johnson) - 'D' and 'K' 6th N.Y.

ist Bde (B.Gen. C. Graham) - 63rd, 68th, 105th, 114th and 141st Pa.

2nd Bde (B.Gen. J. H. Ward) - 3rd and 4th Maine; 86th and 124th N.Y.; 20th Ind.; 99th Pa.; ist and 2nd U.S. Sharpshooters.

3rd Bde (Col. P. R. de Trobriand) - 3rd and 5th Mich.; 17th Maine; 40th N. Y.; 11 oth Pa.

2nd Division (B.Gen. A. Humphreys)

ist Bde (B.Gen.J. B. Carr) - ist, nth and 16th Mass.; 26th and

84th Pa.; nth N.J.; 12th N.H. 2nd Bde (Col. W. Brewster) - 7th, 71st, 72nd, 73rd, 74th and 120th N.Y.

3rd Bde (Col. G. C. Burling) - 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th N.J.; 115th Pa. ยก2nd N.H.

Artillery Bde (Capt. G. Randolph) - 'B' and 'D' ist N.J.; 'E' ist R.I.; 'K'4th U.S.;'D' ist N.Y.; 4th N.Y.

ist Division (B.Gen. J. Barnes)

ist Bde (Col. W. S. Tilton) - 18th and 22nd Mass.; ist Mich.; 118th Pa.

2nd Bde (Col. J. B. Sweitzer) - gth and 32nd Mass.; 4th Mich.; 62nd Pa.

3rd Bde (Col. S. Vincent) - 20th Maine; 44th N.Y.; 83rd Pa.; 16th Mich. 2nd Division (B.Gen. R. B. Ayres)

ist Bde (Col. H. Day) - 3rd, 4th, 6th, 12th and 14th U.S. Infantry. 2nd Bde (Col. S. Burbank) - 2nd, 7th, ioth, nth and 17th U.S. Infantry.

3rd Bde (B.Gen. S. H. Weed) - 140th and 146th N.Y.; 91st and 155th Pa. 3rd Division (B.Gen. S. Crawford)

ist Bde (Col. W. McCandless) - ist, 2nd, 6th, nth and 13th Pa. Reserves.

2nd Bde (Col. J. W. Fisher) -5th, gth, iothand 12th Pa. Reserves. Artillery Bde (Capt. A. P. Martin) - 'D' and 'I' 5th U.S.; 'C' ist N.Y.;

'L' ist Ohio; 'C' Mass. Provost Guard (Capt. H. W. Ryder) - 'E' and 'D' 12th N.Y.

6th CORPS (M.GEN. J. SEDGEWICK) ist Division (B.Gen. H. G. Wright)

ist Bde (B.Gen. A. Torbert) - ist, 2nd, 3rd and 15th N.J. 2nd Bde (B.Gen. J. Bartlett) - 95th and 96th Pa.; 5th Maine; 12ist N.Y.

3rd Bde (B.Gen. D. Russell) - 49th and 119th Pa.; 6th Maine; 5th Wis. 2nd Division (B.Gen. A. P. Howe)

2nd Bde (Col. L. A. Grant) - 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Vermont. 3rd Bde (B.Gen. T. Neill) - 43rd, 49th and 77th N.Y.; 61st Pa.; 7th Maine. 3rd Division (B.Gen. F. Wheaton)

ist Bde (B.Gen. A. Shaler) -65th, 67th and 122nd N.Y.; 23rd and 82nd Pa.

2nd Bde (Col. H. L. Eustis) - 7th, ioth and 37th Mass.; 2nd R.I. 3rd Bde (Col. D. I. Nevin) - 93rd, 98th, 102nd and 139th Pa.; 62nd N.Y.

Artillery Bde (Col. C. H. Tompkins) - 'D' and 'G' 2nd U.S.; 'C' and

'G' ist R.I.; ist and 3rd N.Y.; 'A' ist Mass.;'F' 5th U.S. Cavalry detachment (Capt. W. L. Craft) - 'H' ist Pa.; 'L' ist N.J.

nth CORPS (M.GEN. O. O. HOWARD) ist Division (B.Gen. F. C. Barlow)

ist Bde (Col. L. von Gilsa) - 41st, 54th and 69th N.Y.; 153rd Pa. 2nd Bde (B.Gen. A. Ames) - 25th, 75th and 107th Ohio; 17th Conn.

2nd Division (B.Gen. A. von Steinwehr)

ist Bde (Col. C. R. Coster) - 27th and 73rd Pa.; 134th and 154th N.Y.

2nd Bde (Col. O. Smith) - 55th and 73rd Ohio; 3rd Mass.; 136th N.Y.

3rd Division (M.Gen. C. Schurz)

ist Bde (B.Gen. von Schimmelpfennig) - 45th and 157th N.Y.;

74th Pa.; 61st Ohio; 82nd 111. 2nd Bde (Col. W. Kryzanowski) - 58th and 119th N.Y.; 75th Pa.; 82nd Ohio; 26th Wis. Artillery Bde (Maj. T. W. Osborne) - 'I' and 'K' ist Ohio; 'I' ist N.Y.; 'G' 4th U.S.; 13th N.Y.

12th CORPS (M.GEN. H. W. SLOCUM) ist Division (B.Gen. T. H. Ruger)

ist Bde (Col. A. McDougall) - 5th and 20th Conn.; 123rd and

145th N.Y.; 46th Pa.; 3rd Maryland. 2nd Bde (B.Gen. H. Lockwood) - 150th N.Y.; ist Mar/land. 3rd Bde (Col. S. Colgrove) - 2nd Mass.; 107th N.Y.; 13th N.J.; 27th Ind.; 3rd Wis. 2nd Division (B.Gen. J. Geary)

ist Bde (Col. C. Candy) - 5th, 7th, 29th and 66th Ohio; 28th and 147th Pa.

2nd Bde (Col. G. A. Cobham) - 29th, 109th and 11 ith Pa. 3rd Bde (B.Gen. G. S. Green) - 60th, 78th, 102nd, 137th and 149th N.Y.

Artillery Bde (Lt. E. D. Muhlenberg) -'F' 4th U.S.; 'K' 5th U.S.; 'M'

ist N.Y.; Knap's Pa. Bty. Headquarter Guard - Btn. 10th Maine.

CAVALRY CORPS (M.GEN. A. PLEASONTON) ist Division (B.Gen. J. Buford)

ist Bde (Col. W. Gamble) - 8th N.Y.; 8th 111.; 2 sqdns. 12th 111.;

3 sqdns. 3rd 111. 2nd Bde (Col. T. Devin) - 6th and 9th N.Y.; 17th Pa.

Reserve Bde (B.Gen. W. Merritt) - ist, 2nd, 5th and 6th U.S.; 6th Pa.

ist Bde (Col. J. B. Mcintosh) - ist and 3rd Pa.; ist Maryland; ist Mass.

2nd Bde (Col. P. Huey) - 2nd and 4th N.Y.; 8th Pa.; 6th Ohio. 3rd Bde (Col. J. I. Gregg) - 4th and 16th Pa.; ioth N.Y.; ist Maine.

3rd Division (B.Gen. J. Kilpatrick)

ist Bde (B.Gen. E. Farnsworth) - 5th N.Y.; 18th Pa.; ist Vt.; ist W.Va.

2nd Bde (B.Gen. G. A. Custer) - ist, 5th, 6th and 7th Mich.


ist Bde (Capt. J. M. Robertson) - 'B', 'L' and 'M' 2nd U.S.; 'C'

3rd U.S.; 'E' 4th U.S.; 6th N.Y.; gth Mich. 2nd Bde (Capt. J. C. Tidball) - 'G', 'E' and 'K' ist U.S.; 'A' and 'K' 2nd U.S.; 'C' 3rd U.S.


ist Regular Bde (Capt. D. Ransom) - 'H' ist U.S.; 'F' and 'K'

3rd U.S.; 'C' 4th U.S.; 'C' 5th U.S. ist Volunteer Bde (Lt.Col. McGilvery) - 5th and 9th Mass.; 15th

N.Y.; Pa. Indepen. Bty. 2nd Volunteer Bde (Capt. E. D. Taft) - 'B' and 'M' ist Conn.;

2nd Conn.; 5th N.Y. 3rd Volunteer Bde (Capt. Huntington) - 'F' and 'G' ist Pa.; 'H'

ist Ohio;'A' ist N.H.; 'C' ist W.Va. 4th Volunteer Bde (Capt. Fitzhugh) - 'B', 'G' and 'K' ist N.Y.; 'A' ist Maryland; 6th Maine, 'A' ist N.J.

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