B Captain Sussex Light Dragoons 1861

The Sussex Light Dragoons wore a most distinctive uniform, their kepi being of such a height as to almost qualify for the name 'shako'; of blue cloth with yellow braid, it bore a brass badge of the letters 's.l.d.' over crossed sabres. Officers wore a variation of regulation frock-coat, but considerably longer than usual, and distinguished by a grey collar. Other ranks wore shirts with 'plastron'-style front panels, which may have been reversible to show a yellow panel for full dress. Trousers for all ranks were dark blue. The corps was armed with the usual weapons - sabre and revolver.

A number of Virginia-raised cavalry units bore the title 'Sussex'; as in many other cases, the lineage of volunteer companies is complicated: for example, one corps of Sussex Cavalry (also known as the Sussex Jackson Avengers) was orginally Captain B. F. Winfield's company of the 16th Battalion Virginia Cavalry, later becoming Company 'D' of the 13 th Virginia Cavalry; another Sussex Cavalry was Company 'H' of the 13th Virginia; while Company 'C' of the 5th Virginia Cavalry was known as either the Sussex Light Dragoons or Sussex Cavalry. Both the 5th Virginia (Company 'E') and the 13th Virginia ('G') included companies known as Surry Cavalry, the latter originally forming part of the 16th Bn. Virginia Cavalry. The problem is further complicated by the existence of a corps known as the Sussex Riflemen (Company 'E', 16th Virginia Infantry)!

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