Bist Lieutenant

The Louisiana Zouave Battalion was raised from Europeans in New Orleans, and wore a typical Zouave-style costume; the main difference between the uniforms of the officers and men was in the style of jacket, the rank and file having proper 'Zouave' sleeved waistcoats, while the officers had a type of shell-jacket with standing collar, bearing the rank markings on the cuffs and collar. The regiment was nicknamed 'The Pelicans' from the design of the State seal often borne upon the waist-belt. The regiment served throughout the war, maintaining a fine record.

Several other Louisiana units bore the name 'Pelicans': the Pelican Greys (Company 'A' 2nd Louisiana Infantry), the Pelican Guards (Infantry Company 'B', Louisiana Legion), the Pelican Rangers ('D' and 'H', 3rd Louisiana), and the Pelican Rifles ('A' 2nd Louisiana, 'K' 3rd Louisiana).

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