BOfficer 9th Vermont Cavalry

c) General of Cavalry. The figures on this plate (all taken from contemporary photographs) show variations of the cavalry uniform as worn on campaign. The officer of the 1st U.S. Cavalry wears a civilian, fur-collared overcoat and civilian hat, with no visible badges of rank, only his pistol identifying him as a soldier.

The officer of the 9th Vermont Cavalry wears a type of 'patrol jacket', the other items of uniform being of the regulation pattern.

The General of Cavalry, taken from a photograph of Brigadier-General A. T. A. Torbert of Sheridan's staff, shows a uniform probably designed by the officer himself. The wearer's rank is indicated by the arrangement of the buttons and the rank-star worn on the collar and 'slouch' hat. This pattern of uniform was worn by other General officers: Custer wore a black velvet version with blue collar and Con-federate-style cuff lacing, black breeches with gold stripe, with either a kepi or black 'slouch' hat, the whole covered with yards of gold braid. While few officers approached this sartorial level, completely-regulation uniforms were few and far between in the later stages of the war.

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