CBrigadier General

Confederate General officers wore a frock-coat for full dress, not dissimilar to that of the Federal regulations, but of grey with buff facing-colour on the collar, cuffs and piping. Their buttons were arranged in pairs, eight per row. Rank was indicated by an embroidered badge on either side of the collar, consisting of three stars within a laurel wreath, by cuff-lacing of four thicknesses wide, and by the buff waist-sash. A small bicorn 'chapeau' was authorised for full dress wear, but in practice seems to have been worn even less than its Federal counterpart, plain 'slouch' hats being preferred by the majority; otherwise, a dark blue kepi with gold lace decorations four thicknesses wide was worn. Trousers were dark blue with two ¡¡-inch wide stripes of gold lace down the outer seams. Another popular garment was a frock-coat more resembling a civilian overcoat, worn open to expose the waistcoat (this figure is taken from a photograph of G. W. C. Lee). Rank-badges were frequently worn on the turned-back lapels of such coats. As in many other cases, self-designed uniforms or even civilian clothes were far more common on active service than regulation costume.

The Major of Engineers illustrated wears the officially-prescribed full dress uniform with low 'chapeau' with gold star badge on the right-hand side, gold lace band and transverse plume of black ostrich feathers. Facings for the Engineer Corps were

Marine Dress Uniform

34 a) General, Full Dress.

b) Major,-Engineers, Full Dress.

c) Brigadier-General.

Csa General Full Dress

35 a) Major, Cavalry, b) General of Cavalry.

Civil War Gold Calvary Sash

36 Private, Cavalry, Campaign Dress.

buff like those of the Staff, but the sash was red. The buttons on the frock-coat were arranged in the pattern authorised for all except general officers : i.e. single-spaced.

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