CCadet Virginia Military Institute

Both Zouave units illustrated in this plate were raised in Charleston, South Carolina. Little is known about the organisation of McClellan's Zouaves, though the corps might have had some connection to Captain C. E.

Chichester's volunteer company of Zouave Cadets who garrisoned Castle Pinckney when it held Federal prisoners after Bull Run. The uniforms of both corps were similar in style, consisting of grey jackets and trousers with red facings; the Zouave Cadets also wore tan leggings in their winter uniform. The belt-plates bore the state devices of Palmetto tree and the letters 's.c.' ('South Carolina'), the Palmetto tree being repeated on the crown of the képis. Officers apparently wore uniforms of regulation cut, but in the regimental colouring.

When the cadets of the Virginia Military Institute were called out to the Battle of Newmarket, they wore a simple fatigue uniform consisting of 'coarse sheep's-gray jacket and trousers' and képi, with the simple equipment illustrated.

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