CPrivate Company A

The 4th Texas Volunteers were organised in October 1861 at 'Camp Texas' near Richmond, Virginia, from the volunteer companies which had arrived from Texas, command of the regiment going to Colonel John Bell Hood, later promoted to General. Including volunteer companies named the Austin City Light Infantry, the Mustang Greys and the Grimes County Greys, the plate illustrates the uniforms of three com panies: the Hardeman Rifles ('A'), the Tom Green Rifles ('B'), and the Porter Guards ('H').

The uniform worn by all three consisted of a basic all-grey fatigue style uniform, with certain company distinctions: the Hardeman Rifles wore grey or black 'slouch 'hats, the Porter Guards grey k├ępis, and the Tom Green Rifles grey slouch-hats and black braid trimming on the jacket and trousers, N.C.O.s' chevrons being of the same black braid. Black leather equipment was worn by all companies, the 'Lone Star' device being commonly displayed on the belt-plates and sometimes (unofficially) as a hat-badge. The sergeant illustrated is further distinguished from the other ranks by a crimson waist-sash.

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