CSA Private Infantry Service Dress

This plate illustrates two versions of the semi-regulation service uniform worn by the rank and file of the Confederate infantry, before the shortages of material led to the complete degeneration of uniform into semi-civilian and home-dyed costume.

The authorised fatigue uniform consisted of a grey double-breasted, blouse with two rows of seven buttons but it seems likely that the single-breasted version illustrated was more common. This uniform was worn with or without light blue facings, and occasionally 'slash'-type cuffs were worn in place of the authorised pointed variety. Trousers were the regulation light blue, sometimes captured from the Federals.

Before the wearing of the brimmed hat became almost universal, the colouring of the képi was changed to grey with a band of light blue, and all-grey képis were not uncommon. As supplies became scarcer, the fatigue coat was often replaced by a grey shell-jacket, often worn without any facings, or with just the collar of light blue. Grey trousers were worn with or without a light blue stripe down the outer seams. Equipment,

Private Infantry

45 a) Private, Infantry, Full Dress.

b) Sergeant-Major, Infantry, Full Dress.

Csa Infantry

46 Privates, Infantry, Service Dress.

Csa UniformInfantry Dress Blues

47 a) Private, Infantry.

b) Private, Infantry.

c) Private, Company 'B', 15th Virginia Infantry.

originally of black leather, gradually became brown or 'natural' in colour as black dye became scarcer. Much Federal equipment was captured and pressed into service, a favourite trick being to wear the Union waist-belt with the 'u.s.' plate upside-down.

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    Why were uniform stripes upside down in calvery days?
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