US Navy Summer Dress

Confederate seamen wore grey cloth jackets and trousers or grey woollen 'frocks' with white duck collars and cuffs, black hats and black handkerchiefs; the rating illustrated, however, shows the dress common to both navies in action, allowing both comfort and freedom of movement. Confederate petty officers wore black 'fouled anchor' rank badges on the right or left sleeve depending on rank (as in the Federal Navy) (dark blue badges when white summer dress was worn). In both navies, chief petty officers wore jackets like those of the junior commissioned ranks. Crews of Confederate privateers were officially civilians, only the officers having Confederate commissions; they therefore wore ordinary civilian dress.

The U.S. Petty Officer is shown in white 'summer rig'; the rank-badge was worn on the left-hand sleeve by lower ranks and the right-hand sleeve by Boatswain's Mates and higher. In ordinary dress, the uniform was similar in cut, but in dark blue. The 'sailor collar' of the blouse bore a small star badge in the rear corners. The Petty Officer is shown armed with a heavy-bladed naval cutlass, together with a 'Navy' pistol. Frequently, combinations of 'blues' and 'whites' were worn in the same uniform, usually at the commanding officer's discretion.


NOTE - abbreviations used below:

Bde: Brigade

B.Gen.: Brigadier-General

M.Gen.: Major-General

Lt.Gen.: Lieutenant-General

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