Cv 335 Raggruppamento Carristi 1938

Although some of the older CV 3/33 tankettes appear to have arrived in a scheme of brick red with small dark green splotches (rosso ruggine, verde scurro) the majority of the tankettes appeared in standard army gray green (grigio verde). This camouflage scheme sometimes was amplified with blotches of dark brown, as seen on this tankette. The regimental markings switched from the RRS to the Raggruppamento Carristi (RC) with a set of simple white geometric symbols being adopted for the four companies, with the individual tank number painted inside the symbol. In this case it identifies this vehicle as the 6th tank of 1st Company. The inset drawing shows typical examples for the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 3rd companies (clockwise from top left).

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