Armored Units of the Russian Civil

Red Army

Tanks Armoured Russian Civil War

David Bullock • Illustrated by Andrei Aksenov & Peter Sarson

Russian Civil War Armoured

DAVID BULLOCK (left) currently works as a military historian for the Department of Defense and is an adjunct Associate Professor at Colorado Technical University, Colorado Springs. This is his third published book on the Russian Civil War and he has also contributed over sixty historical articles.

ALEXANDER DERYABIN (right) has worked for ten years at the Institute of Military History, Ministry of Defense. A resident of Moscow, he has published numerous Russian titles on the uniforms and history of the Russian Civil War and has contributed substantial material to this volume.

ANDREI AKSENOV is a welt-respected Russian illustrator who has worked on a number of projects including Tanks of the Civil War for Armada. He currently lives in Moscow.

PETER SARSON has produced graphic cutaways for many armored vehicle publications, and is regarded as one of the world's great illustrators of military vehicles. Peter lives and works in Dorset.

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