Bibliography And Note On Sources

Few references exist in the West about early Soviet armor. Those that do, consist of encyclopedic entries or small articles. Many of these suffer from lack of information, an understandable phenomenon given the historical shadow that descended on Russia and those areas in its orbit after the conclusion of the Russian Civil War. Inside Russia today, only one book makes significant reference to armored cars during die civil war. Similarly, onlv one book covers tanks. Two Russian books have been found on armored trains, but neither is devoted solely to the civil war.

The authors believe this Osprey contribution is the first book to portray color plates of armored trains on this subject in die world. .Andrei Aksenov published five paintings of early Red tanks in Russia in 1999. Seven color depictions of armored cars participating in the civil war also appeared in Russia in 1997. In order to better contribute to this genre, we have not duplicated these.

Except for a few comments made by Western observers inside Russia during the civil war, we have utilized exclusively Russian language works, most compiled during the Soviet period. The following list of sources represents a fraction of the references we consulted. Banatinskv, M.. Kolomiets, M, Armored Cars of the Russian Army, 1906-17 (Moscow, 2000).

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