Armored units in the Russian Civil War created a powerful legacy in history and in the imagination of the world. Sergei Eisensteiiis adulatory films aboiit the Bolsheviks portrayed Lenin preaching the fires of revolution atop an armored car. Dramatic episodes featuring armored cars and tanks can be seen, respectively, in the Soviet films Chapaev and We Aw From Kmnstadt. In the West, the most evocative scene is perhaps the studiously cool figure Of Commander Strelnikov, dressed in black leathers aboard his armored train aflutter with red (lags in the 1965 version of Dr. Zkivago.

The new Red Army inherited most of the armored assets of the former Russian Empire as well as the majority of factories capable of producing them. Even so, many technical experts had chosen to emigrate or to join the Whites. Overall, in relation to their opponents, the Rolsheviks had much, but what they had was in chaos and badly in need of reorganization.

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