1 Position of inset insignia, center turret side

2 Top hatch

3 Top periscope opening, Beck Mark IX periscope, rotary peephole covers

4 Spherical machine gun mounting

5 Side 8mm Hotchkiss machine gun, one per side (Paimer tube bottle sights)

6 Driver's controls

7 Driver's leather seat

8 Leather rear machine gunner seat atop ammunition boxes

9 Ammunition boxes, 300 rounds per box

10 Rear 8mm Hotchkiss machine gun

11 Rear door

12 Twin Keith Blackman ventilator fans for interior cab

13 Worm drives between gear boxes and fans

14 Chain drives, Coventry chains

15 Track rollers along side, each engine independently controlling one side of track

16 Gear boxes under driver's seat

17 Exhaust

18 Silencer, one per engine, asbestos rope wrappings

19 Vents

20 Petrol tank, Autovac System, 70-gallon capacity

21 Radiator

22 Maintenance covers

23 Twin Keith Blackman engine fans

24 Twin Tylor 45hp engines (four cylinders)

25 Front 8mm Hotchkiss machine gun

26 Revolver port, six in all

27 Wooden floorboards

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