Artillery Pieces

The artillery pieces of both combatants were quite similar. The more popular types were the Ordnance rifle (1), Parrott rifle and the smoothbore "Napoleon" (3), which were fabricated by both sides in various configurations. The Confederate artillery also used many obsolete pieces updated by binding the barrel to strengthen it and by rifling.

1 A full service history exists for this piece; the 3-inch Ordnance Rifle, Muzzle-loading, No. 1, which was 2

made by the Phoenix Iron Company of Phoenixville, Pa, in 1861. The piece was issued to Battery L, 1 st New York Light Artillery, its first engagement being at Rappahannock Station in 1862. It then fought at Second Manassas. Antietam, and Chancellorsville before being captured by Confederates at Gettysburg, after the retreat through Chambersburg Pike on July 1. After that it was used by the Confederacy until it was recaptured by Federals at Spotsylvania in the spring of 1864 Horse-drawn limber chest as used by

Royal Horse Drawn Artillery Field Guns

Union forces to carry stocks of powder and shell into battle Horse-drawn Model 1841 6-pounder field gun as used by Union artillery batteries. The various tools associated with the gun are also visible in this picture Stack of 12-pound shot typical of Union ammunition expended by field artillery units engaged in battle throughout the Civil War 5 12-pounder Dahlgren boat howitzer of the type used by the Federal navy during the Civil War

Typical Gun Used During The Civil War

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