Brig Gen John H Winder GSA

General John Winder Civil War

It would have been difficult to find a Confederate general more universally unpopular, North or South, than Brig. Gen. John H. Winder, who was responsible for overseeing all prisons holding Federal captives. His administration of the prisons, while never deliberately cruel, was very badly mismanaged, resulting in untold hardships for the prisoners in his charge. He was also the chief provost for Richmond, controlling the issuing of passes into and out of Rebel lines and there were widespread accusations of cor ruption, which were probably i inaccurate, although he proved so erratic in his regulations for granting passes that even higher Confederate authorities finally curbed his power. As a result of all this, he was hated by the Yankees unfortunate enough to be kept in his prisons, and heartily despised by Confederate soldiers and civilians alike. Inefficient, un- j concerned, and at times dictatorial, 1 he offended almost everybody, and it was, perhaps, fortunate for him j that he died before the end of the ,

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