Captain 11th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Cqa Usa

The 11th Indiana Infantry was raised by Lew Wallace, later a general, and attracted an inordinate amount of attention when it took the field in 1861. More than anything else, this was because of its uniform, which was a zouave pattern, but in a far from common gray. Although an infantry unit, this captain's uniform facings and trimmings are in red, normally the color for the artillery, with the buttonless jacket and the vest being trimmed in red and with red piping on his breeches. Another curious feature is the shoulder straps, which are of U.S. Army style, but backed in red, again, as for an artillery unit. A red sash and a regulation kepi in gray, but with a red crown, complete his outfit. He also wears buttoned canvas gaiters to gather the cuffs of his baggy zouave pantaloons to his boots. Oddly enough, the 11th Indiana had two different zouave uniforms during -the war, the first one, as shown here, being excellently documented, but the second version, issued at the end of 1861, is almost a complete mystery.

11th Indiana Volunteer

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