Captain 9th Texas Cavalry

This captain of the 9th Texas Cavalry ably depicts what many of the mounted men from the western Confederacy looked like. Even more than their eastern counterparts, they carried a wide variety of weaponry depending upon what was available, and not according to regulations. This officer holds an English-made, percussion, double-barreled shotgun. In his right hand he wields a Confederate-made Dance revolver, a close copy of the prewar heavy Colt .44 caliber Dragoon percussion revolver. Distinctive to several Texas regiments was the "Lone Star" inside a circle on his hat-badge and belt-plate, while the slouch hat, too, is of the type generally worn by western Rebel cavalrymen. His jacket is gray, trimmed in gold, over brown trousers and black leather boots. On these last he wears a distinctive Mexican style of spur with spiked rowels. His war-making, like his uniform and weapons, was rough and ready.

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