The war created the need for millions of cartridges for an enormous variety of different calibered weapons.

1 12-shot load of buckshot for a .58 rifle (14.7mm) or musket

2 .69 caliber (17.5mm) ball cartridge

3 .69 caliber (17.5mm) buck and ball cartridge

4 .69 caliber (17.5mm) MiniƩ cartridge with wooden plug

5 .58 caliber (14.7mm) MiniƩ cartridge

6 Paper Sharps cartridge

7 Linen Sharps cartridge

8 A 6-sided cardboard Whitworth cartridge

9 Metal-cased Maynard cartridge

10 Metal-cased Burnside carbine cartridge

11 Metal-cased Henry repeating rifle cartridge

12 Pin-fire cartridge with pin in position (bottom right)

Sharps Linen Cartridge

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    How to tie a 58 caliber cartridge?
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