Confederate Artillery Artifacts

Red piping and facings on uniforms of Confederate and Union uniforms indicated the artillery branch. As in other branches of the Confederate Army, many of the weapons and much of the equipment was captured from the other side, as I indicated in this photograph by the I Colt Model 1851 Navy revolver (121,1 and the U.S. Foot Artillery sword (151,1 which is so short that it is virtually a I dirk.


Typical trousers, as worn by enlisted 1


Representative shirt worn by


Model 1851 Colt Navy revolver with

Confederate Army artillerymen

Confederate gunners

holster and belt


Pair of 201b Parrott shells

I 7



Wooden water canteen, complete


Typical style forage cap as worn by


Shipping crate used for movement of

with strap for carrying

enlisted gunners

heavy projectiles


Haversack, complete with shoulder


Alternative style of forage cap as


Short-style jacket as worn by enlisted

strap for carrying

worn by enlisted gunners



Model 1833 U.S. Foot Artillery short


501b shell produced by the


Alternative short-style jacket as worn

sword (dirk) with protective leather

Confederate ordnance facility located 1

by enlisted gunners


at Dahlgren, Virginia


6lb spherical solid shot

Confederate Artillery Officer Confederate Artillery Uniform

Confederate Artillery Officers' Uniforms and Equipment

The designated branch-of-service color for the artillery in both armies was red. In the Confederate forces, the artillery's red forage caps topped with gold braid added to their aura, as did their smart uniforms, which were among the more colorful in their army.

Mumford, Co. G. Louisiana Artillery

16 Sword-belt

17 Selden's uniform vest, see #4

18 19 Field glasses of Maj. Gen. S. Jones

20 Wooden canteen

21 Canteen of C. Palfrey

22 Campaign chest of Lt. William T. Mumford

23 1840 U.S. Artillery sword of Brig. Gen. Richard Brooke Garnett

1 Frock coat of Second Lt. George E. Saville, Parker's Light Artillery (Virginia)

Johnston's staff 1 g

3 Uniform jacket of Maj. Robert Stiles I 10

Richmond Howitzers I ^

5 Selden's frock coat, see item 4

6 Leather gauntlets of Capt. G. Gaston I 12 Otey, Co. A, 13th Battalion, Virginia |l ^ Light Artillery jl 14

7 Otey's uniform jacket, see item 6 i| 15

Otey's forage cape, see item 6 Selden's underclothing, see item 4 Sword-belt of Second Lt. Charles E. Munford, Letcher Battery 1840 U.S. Artillery sword of Maj. Gen. J. L. Kemper Selden's trousers, see item 4 Officer's sash

Otey's belt and holster, see item 6 Field glasses of First Lt. W. T.

Confederate Holster

ot the Confederacy. Richmond. Va I-15. 1723. Russ A Pritcba'd Collection 16

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