Confederate Cavalry Carbines and Artillery Musketoons continued

The government-owned Richmond Arsenal produced the largest number of carbines (13), while Cook and Brother was the most prolific private contractor, manufacturing substantial numbers of carbines and musketoons (8) and (12), whose design was based closely on that of the English Pattern 1853 Enfield. All Confederate firearms show evidence of superior finish and hand fitting.

1 S. C. Robinson Sharps carbine

2 Morse carbine with breech exposed for reloading

3 C. Chapman musketoon, complete with ramrod

4 Keen, Walker and Company carbine with breech mechanism in open position for reloading

5 Carbine cartridge box, complete with loops for attachment to waist belt

6 Bilharz, Hall and Company rising

Sharps CarbineConfederate Cavalry Carbine

breech carbine with breech mechanism exposed for reloading

7 Alternative style of carbine cartridge box

8 Cook and Brother carbine

9 Bilharz, Hall and Company muzzle-loading carbine, complete with ramrod

10 Militia carbine cartridge box with shoulder harness for carrying

11 Cap box as attached to waist belt

12 Cook and Brother musketoon, complete with ramrod

13 Richmond carbine with hammer cocked, with carrying strap and ramrod

14 Fabric-covered tin drum water canteen with stopper, and shoulder carrying strap attached

Cook And Brother Carbine

1 British Pattern 1853 Enfield rifle-musket

2 Belgian Pattern 1842 Short rifle

Union Soldier With Belgian Musket Whitworth Sharpshooter Rifle

3 British Pattern 1853 Enfield Short rifle

4 Saber bayonet for item 3

5 Kerr's Patent Rifle, British

6 British Brunswick Rifle

7 Bayonet for Brunswick Rifle

8 British Pattern water bottle (canteen)

9 Cartridge box for British Pattern 1853 rifle-musket and short rifle

10 British Whitworth Patent Rifle with telescopic sight

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