Confederate Engineer Officers Uniforms and Equipment

Corps Confederate Engineers

The Confederate engineer, like his Federal counterpart, used the castle insignia as a branch-of-service designating device. In addition though, the Confederate engineer adopted an "E" in Gothic script as a button and headgear device.

Forage cap of Col. T. M. R. Talcott, 1st Regiment, Engineer Troops Frock coat of Maj. Conway R. Howard, Chief of Engineers on A. P. Hill's staff

Sash of First Lt. Melcher Mason Long, Co. E, 3rd Regimented. Engineers, killed at Cedar Creek, 1864 Headquarters flag of the Chief of Engineers of the Army of North Virginia

Long's sword-belt, of English manufacture

Long's 1833 Dragoon saber and

Confederate Engineers FlagConfederate General Insignia

scabbard Sword of Maj. Gen. Jeremy Francis Gilmer, Chief of the Confederate Army engineers

Gilmer's dress sword, of European manufacture, see item 7 Gilmer's general's rank collar insignia, see item 7

Gilmer's collar insignia, see item 7 Gilmer's sleeve insignia see item 7 Non-regulation U.S. foot-officer s sword belonging to Maj. Robert M.

Sully, 1st Regiment of Engineers, manufactured by W. Walscheid, Soligen, in Germany

13 Scabbard of item 12

14 A pair of Gilmer's spurs, see item 7

15 Metal printing cut or block of a map drawn by Gilmer showing the territory between Richmond and Petersburg, Virginia

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