Confederate Infantry Officers Uniforms and Equipment

Like the Federals, the Confederate infantry officer had considerable latitude in selecting his uniform and accouterments, although the basic branch identification color was blue for infantry, the same as that in the Federal Army. Confederate officers of all branches did use strikingly different rank insignia, but their swords were, in many cases, copies of current Federal models, as were their handguns.

1 Uniform frock coat of Col. Lawrence

Massillon Keitt; killed at Cold Harbor in I 1864

2 Forage cap of Col. W. J. Clark, North! Carolina troops

3 Uniform frock coat of Col. Ellison! Capers

4 Col. Capers' overcoat

5 Gray felt officer's hat

6 Uniform frock coat of Capt. Charles S. I Fleming, 2nd Florida Infantry; killed in j 1864

7 Leech and Rigdon foot officer's sword 1

8 Sash of Capt. William A. Oliver, 9th | Virginia Cavalry

Confederate Infantry Officer

9 Haversack of Sgt. A. H Bayly

10 Sword-belt

12 Two-piece C.S. plate

13 Officer's sword

14 Fleming's silk sash, see item 6

15 Keitt's trousers, see item 1

16 Slouch hat of First Lt. W. James Kinchloe

17 Sash of Col. James B. Martin; killed in 1861

18 Tin drum canteen of Capt. W. K.


19 Wooden canteen

20 Officer's haversack

21 Haversack of 0. Jennings Wise. Richmond Light Infantry Blues

22-26 Effects from Wise's haversack, see item 21

27-28 Uniform jacket and vest of Adjutant Joseph V. Bidgood

Officer Haversack

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