Corporal 7th New York National Guard

7th Infantry

1814. Its title was changed again in 1825 to 2nd Battalion 2nd Artillery Regiment, but then in 1847 it was given a completely new role as infantry and redesignated the 7th Regiment.

Its membership came from the cream of New York City society and for any young man serving with the 7th Regiment was distinctly a social "plus." Members of the 7th served for seven years, drilled every month and paid for their own equipment and uniforms, which, because of their color, resulted in the regiments nickname of "The Old Graybacks." Their short shell jackets and kepis were light gray with black trim, while their other equipment was either black oilcloth or canvas. They also carried with them a distinctive red blanket and were armed with a Model 1855 rifle-musket. In the crisis after Fort Sumter, the 7th quickly volunteered to go to the relief of Washington and was one of the first units to reach the capital in April 1861. They remained there until late May, when the immediate crisis abated, nd they returned to New York.

The 7th New York State Guard was an old pre-war organization that was raised in May/June 1806 as an artillery unit, forming the Battalion of Artillery, 1st Artillery Brigade of the New York State Militia. It was redesignated 2nd Battalion, 11th Artillery Regiment in 1812 and was briefly mustered into federal service during the War of 1812 and again in

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