Gen John Bell Hood CSA

John Bell Hood

Short of actually losing his life, Gen.

John Bell Hood gave up about as much of himself as any officer who made sacrifices for the Confederacy. He lost the use of one arm after being wounded at Gettysburg, but then had to have a leg amputated following another desperate wound at Chick-amauga. Any uniform for one who suffered what he had would most certainly need to be tailor-made. In this portrait, Hood wears the regulation general officer's frock coat, with the buttons in parallel groups of threes, denoting rank above that of brigadier-general. His sleeve braid and the trim on his kepi show the four rows of gold required for a general, and although his collar is not visible it would almost certainly reveal three stars surrounded by a wreath. This portrait shows Gen. Hood prior to losing his leg at Chickamauga.

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