Guard Salisbury Prison Camp

Just as in the North, where unfit men were used as prison guards to free the more able-bodied for the field, so the South tried to assign convalescents as guards at its prisoner of war camps. Sometimes, however, it simply was not possible to find such men, in which case units that were under strength or were otherwise insufficiently organized for the field were given the duty, instead. This happened at Salisbury Prison Camp in North Carolina, where for a time men of the 42nd North Carolina Infantry, seen here, served as guards, before being combined with] the remnants of other regiments, in 1 order to make up an almost full-l strength unit and return to field duty. 1 Such men were clad in regulation gray I or butternut trousers and short jacket, j while their shoes, hats and overcoats] were whatever they could find and ] scavenge. Most of them were nol happier to be at the prison than were ] their prisoners, and except for the fact ] that they were armed they could have | been inside the stockade rather than ] outside it.

Salisbury Civil War Prison

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