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The Washington Artillery of New Orleans was among the oldest and proudest of the private or "fraternal" artillery companies. All told, it comprised five companies, four of which went to Virginia in the first days of the war and remained there thereafter. The fifth company served with the Army of Tennessee. Like many units, their uniforms and equipment evolved as the war progressed. Originally they wore dark blue frock coats or short artillery jackets with scarlet collars and cuffs over light blue trousers with scarlet strips denoting the artillery arm. They wore scarlet kepis with blue bands and gold trim. Once in regular service the caps were all they retained, their blue uniforms being traded for gray after a few months. They also began by carrying sabers and pistols, but these too were given up in time, as inappropriate for a light artillery unit. Part of the Washington Artillery saw service at First Manassas.

Below: The guns fall silent at this captured Confederate works around Atlanta.

Washington Artillery New Orleans

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