Infantry CSA

The 11th Mississippi Infantry presented one of the handsomer variations on the standard gray uniform of the Confederacy. The regiment was made up chiefly of prewar volunteer militia companies, many of which wore entirely different garb. Most eventually wore slight variations of the state militia dress, the mid-thigh length gray blouse with red collar and red frogging on the breast, red cuffs and trouser stripes. Their headgear was predominantly the Hardee-style hat, as worn by this enlisted man, pinned up on right or left side, according to the individual taste of the wearer. Some wore a distinctive state seal beltplate, but this private has only an ordinary buckle. In action most were armed in time with this Model 1855 U.S. Percussion Rifle with Maynard tape primer. The Mississippians were hardy men who used their rifles well; at Antietam, for example, they held the line near the Dunker Church until all their field officers had gone down, and still repulsed assault after assault.

Maynard Tape Primer

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