Lieutenant Colonel 44th Georgia Infantry CSA

Georgia was almost a small nation in itself, making most 'Ofythe things needed to arm and equip-its men. This lieutenant colonel of the 44th Georgia Infantry is "Georgia" from head to toe. His uniform is a standard gray pattern piped in black. He wears a two-piece Georgia state beltplate, and it supports a sword from the works of W. J. McElroy. Even the stars on his collar, cut from brass sheets, are of local manufacture. Most distinctive of all, however, is the Griswold and Gunnison revolver in his hand. Made at Griswoldville, Georgia, it is a blatant copy of a Colt model, the only real differences being in its brass frame. Almost the only non-Georgia item of equipment on this officer is the canteen he carries, definitely Yankee issue, and undoubtedly taken from some unfortunate foeman who fell by Confederate forces in battle or suffered capture. Although raised later in the war, the 44th, as evidenced by the equipment on this man, was still well outfitted.

Georgia Infantry Confederate

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