Lieutenant Orrs Regiment 1st South Carolina Rifles CSA

The Red Coats And The Confederates

Easily the most colorful of all the units coming into the Confederate Army were the local militia and privately raised outfits that took arms for the South in 1861. With no prescribed uniformity, they arrived in I uniforms of almost every color of the 1 rainbow - green, red, buff, brown, I gray, and most frequently of all, blue! I Among the most colorful were the I Auburn Guards of the Alabama I Volunteer Militia. Their blue I trousers and short jackets were I glorious, covered with bright ' brass buttons, set off by a white crossbelt, gold epaulettes, white gloves and facings, red sash, and a gleaming black leather Pattern 1851 Albert shako topped by a 1 red and white feather pom-pom. J The rigors of campaigning played I havoc with such outfits, and these beautiful uniforms did not I last long in the field. As they I . wore out, they were steadily I replaced by Confederate I regulation gray or butternut.

Uniforms Csa

wore a distinctive uniform, with matching coat and trousers of Confederate gray, trimmed with black at the cuffs and front seam and hem, with a black stripe running down the trouser legs. Among the other unusual features was a special vertical stripe running up from the cuffs to show the rank of officers, like the lieutenant shown here. No other Confederate regiment seems to have used this device, and several companies of the 1st South Carolina later adopted the more standard regulation sleeve braid and collar insignia in use by most other regiments.

The 1st South Carolina Rifles was raised in 1861 by a prominent politician, James L. Orr, and quickly became an unusually large regiment, reaching a strength of over 1,500 within a few months of being formed. It served with the Army of Northern Virginia from Gaines' Mill all the way to Appomattox, by which time only a few hundred were left to surrender. They

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