Locally Made Weapons

Handguns were actually made in the Confederacy in very limited quantities, one of the most common being the Griswold and Gunnison (3), and only about 3,500 of those were produced. All Confederate handguns are considered rare.

1 U.S. Government Model 1836 pistol made by A. Waters at Milbury, as used by Confederate forces

2 Confederate holster

3 Griswold and Gunnison late model revolver, used by Confederates

4 Confederate holster

5 Rigdon, Ansley revolver

6 Leech and Rigdon revolver

7 Spiller and Burr revolver

8 Revolver bullet mold

Rigdon AnsleyLeech Rigdon RevolverConfederate Army RevolversConfederate Weapons

Confederate Weapons: Pistols and Revolvers

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