Personal Memorabilia of Brig Gen John Hunt Morgan CSA

one of the most feared Confederate Cavalry leaders. His raids into Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, and Indiana caused great concern, and although he was once captured and interned in the Ohio State Prison, he quickly escaped and returned to duty. In September 1864 while en route to attack Federal units at Knoxville, he was surprised by Federal cavalry and killed. He is buried in his home town of Lexington.

1 General's frock coat

2 Officer's silk sash

3 Model 1851 Federal officer's sword belt

4 Pair of buckskin gauntlets

Brig. Gen. Morgan was born in Huntsville, Alabama on June 1, 1825, and was educated at Transylvania College in Lexington, Kentucky. He then joined the Army and saw service during the Mexican War, after which he was discharged and returned to Lexington to enter the family business. He also became active in the local militia unit, the Lexington Rifles, and on the outbreak of war he took his small unit to Bowling Green, where he offered their services to General Buckner. Morgan was soon promoted to colonel of the 2nd Kentucky Cavalry and proceeded to establish himself as

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