Private 69th New York Infantry USA

The fighting men of the 69th j New York achieved an enviable reputation during the progress of the war, and their exploits lived on in song and story for generations. This private's uniform is very much the regulation Union blue, . from his dark short jacket , .^¿y or tunic, to his sky blue trousers. It is largely unorna-mented, with no stripes on the trousers, no piping or other color on the jacket, and all the leatherwork is a simple black, from the belt to the shoulder strap, cartridge case and cap box, and even the black haversack. The only color about his uniform or personal equipment is the brass in his beltplate, strap badge, and the infantryman's horn insignia and unit number on his kepi.

The brightest thing about him may have been the burnished steel barrel of his Springfield percussion rifle and the polished blade of his bayonet, which, like most soldiers in most wars, was rarely, if ever, used in combat.

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