Private Guthrie Grays USA

Guthrie Grays

It was commonplace among pre-Civil War local militia units to adopt "cadet gray" as the color for their uniforms, which led to some confusion when they first faced Confederate forces. Formed in 1854, the 6th Ohio Volunteer Infantry was also known as "Guthrie's Grays" from its uniforms. Raised in Cincinnati, the outfit looked magnificent on parade. The gray uniform was trimmed with black on the collar, and frogging all across the breast, as well as on the sleeves. The short shako was particularly striking, with its white pom pom, gold braid cord, and black band with the letters "G .G." in brass. The coattee was typical of many pre-war militia units, as were the brass shoulder scales (epaulettes) and the white webbing cross-belt. While different weapons were issued to different companies, this soldier has the predominant three-banded Enfield. The unit still exists today.

Guthrie Grays

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