Private North Carolina Infantry CSA

The troops from the State of North Carolina were among the best clothed of all Confederates, and enjoyed perhaps the greatest degree of uniformity of dress among their regiments. These "Tar-heel" infantrymen are quite typical in their gray sack coats, reaching halfway down the thigh, with loose collars that were just as often worn turned down as standing up. On their shoulders they wear strips of cloth in colors denoting branch of service, but contrary to the usual Confederate regulations calling for blue as the infantry color, these infantrymen are wearing black shoulder strips. The trousers are of matching gray cloth, with black stripes down the seams. Some North Carolinan soldiers were equipped with single or double crossbelts, and, while weaponry varied, most carried the 1842 musket. Only because North Carolina could produce its own textiles and had ports for blockade-run items, could the State arm and equip its men so effectively.

Csa Ironclad

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