Rifles CSA

Company A of the 5th Georgia Infantry called itself the Clinch Rifles from the start of the war, and never yielded to official efforts to take the title away, nor did it relinquish its distinctive uniform. Indeed, most companies of this regiment wore differing outfits, causing General Braxton Bragg to call them the "Pound Cake Regiment." Some wore green, but most opted for the light blue trousers and dark blue frock coat shown on the corporal at right. Two major distinctions were the dark blue kepi with the "CR" badge, and the Georgia State belt-plate. The two soldiers carry the Model 1841 Harpers Ferry Rifle and the typical wooden canteens seen on so many Rebels. As the war ground on, the 5th Georgia was issued with standard issue uniforms, like that on the soldier at left, though the men might still retain their colorful shirts. However they were dressed, these Georgians were found on many of the major battlefields of the South, and did not yield their arms until the very end.

Clinch Rifles Georgia 1861

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