Second Lieutenant 5th New York Infantry

5th Infantry Civil War

This second lieutenant of the 5th New York Infantry, otherwise popularly known as Duryee's Zouaves, represents one of the more colorful of the Union regiments. His bright red kepi and trousers differ distinctly from the regulation, but otherwise there is nothing unusual in his outfit. His commander Colonel Abram Duryee was a flamboyant type, exactly the kind to organize and lead one of the dramatic zouave regiments, which, apart from their uniforms, also made their mark with intensively precise drill and élan. Unfortunately for Duryee's men, in battle their red pants made them stand out as targets for Confederate sharpshooters. By the later years of the war, the zouave craze had died out and most of the new volunteer regiments went to war in government issue uniforms with little or no variation.

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