Sergeant and Private 22nd Regiment New York National Guard USA

Chasseur Uniform 1861

with red cuffs, collar and cap band, but after this uniform had caused confusion with similarly dressed Confederate units at First Manassas and elsewhere, the regiment switched to the regulation blue chasseur blouse, seen here worn by the sergeant. The regiment did, however, keep its distinctive 2-banded Enfield rifles and sword bayonets, and carried the regimental number on the kepi and the company letter on the beltplate. The regiment saw service between May to September 1862, and again in 1863, but after Gettysburg, the 22nd was not seen again in the field.

Like many regiments with a pre-Civil War history, the 22nd New York National Guard carried its old uniforms and equipment into the new conflict, presenting a contrast and confusion of colors in their dress. The unit went to war in a gray uniform

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