Th Virginia Infantry CSA

The 15th Virginia Infantry was formed, in part, by amalgamating companies from other regiments, in particular the 33rd Virginia and the 179th Militia. The soldiers of the new units were given a fairly regulation issue uniform of gray, with blue piping. The wounded field officer at left wears a two-piece Virginia State seal belt-plate, and is partially supporting himself on the private soldier's Virginia Manufactory converted flintlock musket, which has been altered to use the Maynard tape-primer system. The private helping him wears a more unusual white belt, and if he were in full uniform he might even have matching white cross-belts. The wounded officer, if he was wearing full uniform, might very well have fringed epaulettes on his shoulders. The 15th Virginia was not destined to be one of the leading glory regiments of the Confederacy, but it did its full share in the struggle to keep Virginia inviolate from Federal invaders.

Uniform Army Csa5th Georgia Clinch Rifles

5th Georgia Infantry, "Clinch

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