Union Ammunition and Accessories

Federal ordnance facilities had the capability to produce metallic cartridges, a tremendous advantage when coupled with breech-loading rifles and carbines. Yet even the Federal forces had such a wide variety of calibers of small arms ammunition ranging from .31 to .72, all of which were considered standard, that they created producing a logistician's nightmare. Shown here are just a few of the wide range of proprietary brands used for carbines and revolvers.

1 Percussion cap box

2 and 3 Percussion caps as issued

4 Lawrence primers for the Sharps carbine

5 .58 caliber (14.8mm) ball paper cartridge

6 Muzzle-loading .69 caliber (17.5mm) ball paper cartridge

7 50 caliber (12.7mm) Smith cartridge

8 52 caliber (13.2mm) Sharps cartridge

9 54 caliber (13.7mm) metal cartridge for Burnside carbine

10 .50 caliber (12.7mm) metal cartridge for Maynard carbine

Caliber Bullet

11 ,52 caliber (13.2mm) Sharps and Hankins metal cartridge

12 .44 caliber (11.2mm) metal cartridge for Henry repeating rifle

13 Tin of British-made Eley brand percussion caps for Colt pistols

14 Pistol bullet mold

15 Pistol tool

16 Packet of .31 caliber (7.8mm) paper

Percussion Cap Musket Royal Marines

cartridges for a Colt pocket pistol

17 Packet of 44 caliber (11,2mm)) paper cartridges for a Colt revolver

18 Open pack of paper cartridges for .44 caliber (11.2mm) Colt

Revolver Paper CartridgeBurnside Bullet Mold

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