Union Artillery Officers Uniforms and Equipment

The artillery branch-of-service color was used as background for shoulder straps, piping for coats and trousers. Crossed cannon insignia, both embroidered and stamped metal, was used to indicate the branch on headgear. There does not appear to be any distinction made between light and heavy artillery insignia.

1 Slouch hat of Second Lt. Levi J. Homan, Ermantrout's Independent Company of Pennsylvania Artillery

2 Frock coat of First It. Florance Grugan, 2nd Pennsylvania Artillery

3 Grugan's trousers

4 Grugan's short jacket

5 Forage cap of Capt. J. Henry Sleeper, 10th Massachusetts Battery

6 Forage cap of Second Lt. George W. Webb, Battery F, Independent Pennsylvania Artillery

7 Webb's frock coat

8 Webb's vest

9 Unidentified forage cap

10 Grugan's brass spurs

Union Artillery OfficerPhotos The 2nd Artillery

11 Grugan's field chest

12 Top shelf of item 11

13 Grugan's sash

14 and 15 Tin box with epaulettes for 3rd Regiment

16 Grugan's holster belt

17 and 18 1840 officer's light artillery saber

19 Saddle valise of Lt. George W. Taylor,

4th MA Battery

20 1862 Colt revolver

21 Officer's haversack

22 and 23 German sword of Edwin A. Evans

24 Embroidered insignia

25 Strap insignia of Capt. Josiah Meigs, 2nd U.S. Colored Artillery

26 Insignia of Lt. Taylor

27 Metal variant insignia

Army Topographic Engineer InsigniaSignal Corps Civil War Flag

Federal Signal Corps Uniforms and Equipment



Cloth variant of item 12


Sword belt


Engineer's manual on-fortifications


Officer's haversack


Model 1839 topographical engineer's


Compass case

sword of


Military forms




Quarterly returns from ordnance


Map of Virginia



Engineer officer's hat cord


Brass hat insignia of the


Engineer officer's hat insignia

Topographical Engineers


Shoulder strap insignia

Federal Signal Corps Uniforms and Equipment

Engineer officers were the elite of the graduating class of West Point each year and their branch insignia, the castle, was distinctive. Within this branch were the Topographical Engineers who had their own badge (12)(13) and carried the distinctive Model 1839 saber which is very rare today. The U.S. Army Signal Corps originated in the early days of the Civil War as a special unit, making it the oldest signal corps in the world, their mission being that of setting up and maintaining communications. The uniforms and equipment were basically the same as other Federal units.

The known owners of the items I

George Meade (15); and Captain I Elbridge C. Pierce, 19th Maine, Signal Corps (1).


Engineer Office map of Southern

Mississippi and Alabama

Engineer Office map of Arkansas and

Northern Louisiana

Engineer Office map of Northern

Alabama and Georgia

Signal Corps flag, 1862

Model 1852 staff and field officer's

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